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As of January 2022, the feature-length dramedy Abandon All Hope is in development. Budgeting, location scouting,  preliminary casting, and a proof-of-concept short film are slated to begin within the year. The projected budget is $250,000, which the producer team seeks to spend 2022 raising.

Production is expected Summer 2023 in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Abandon All Hope is expected to enter the film festival circuit in Winter 2023/Spring 2024.

Our aspiration is to find a distribution deal for the film with a streaming channel by August 26, 2025.

Abandon All Hope Concept Poster 2.png

May 2022 Reading

AAH Table Read Poster.png

As of April 2022, the screenplay is now at a point where we are ready to organize an invited Table Read event of the full screenplay for potential collaborators, investors, and the producers themselves to have a chance to hear how all this sounds on Wednesday, May 4th, on-location in Lambertville, New Jersey.

For Actors:

Casting is complete! The May 2022 Reading will star Avery Kellington as TERESA, Kara Groom as MELISSA, Jonathan Chen as SEAN, Will Rittweger as EVAN, and will feature Justin Csaszar, Leah Evelynn, Katie Raulerson, Michael De Los Angeles, Cindie Hurley, and Sean Kim in supporting roles. Writer/Producer Peter Fenton will direct the reading with Sydney Nicole Barkley and Brendan John Jones as Associate Producers.


While no pay or further involvement can be guaranteed for talent upfront, the Abandon All Hope team actively seeks to build relationships with potential talent for the feature through this table read and will seriously consider each performance as part of the preliminary casting process for the eventual paid, non-union feature film.

For Potential Investors and Collaborators:

Please contact Producers Peter Fenton and Avery Kellington at the email addresses listed below for an invitation to the May 4th event. Admission is free by invitation.

AAH May 2022 Reading Headshot Board(1).png
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